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(OOC) Deadpool's Bio

Name: Q
Age: late 20s
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Requested Character: Deadpool
Character Journal: (please note here if your journal is a private diary or an IC blog)1_800_deadpool 
Characters Age:  30-something, which is too old to appeal to the reality show viewer.
Hero or Villain: Anti-hero
Series of Origin: New Mutants
Universe of Origin: Marvel
Personality: Deadpool is completely insane, but that's what years of government experimentation will do to a guy. He likes to kill, preferably for money but that's not always a prerequisite. Sometimes he'll kill because you smell funny, or you talked in the theater, or you're a vegan hipster. The vegan hipsters will always be the first to go.

Deadpool does have friends though, sort of, and he cares about his own way. A box of live grenades in a toilet shows you care, right?

Background: Wade Wilson was born Canadian to two people who probably didn't love each other very much but did the magical baby dance anyway. When he was of age, he joined an experimental program called Weapon X in exchange for curing his cancer. Unfortunately the process was a failure and  not only did his cancer mutate and merge with an artificial healing factor, but Wade himself became a toy for Weapon X's twisted scientist Dr. Killbrew (Like the name wasn't a big enough hint?). All the experimentation and torture has fragmented Deadpool's brain to the point of no return. 

And then he became a merc!

Sexuality: He likes the ladies.
Powers and/or Special Skills: He has expertise in various weapons, but then, a squeegee could be a weapon if you know what to do with it. He can heal, to the point of coming back from the dead after being chopped up into tiny pieces.
He has great reflexes and agility.
Because his mind is so shattered, he is very hard to predict and makes a formidable opponent. With his constant yammering many people find it hard to focus when fighting him. 

Current Location: NYC
Anything else we should know? If this bio doesn't convince you that I am worthy of RPing the glorious Merc with a Mouth, I write fic! Yes I do! Here and here and here and here and here and here and here(Hosted on AO3 and visible only to members logged in because it is full of ick.)